why calf & clover?

The new name Calf and Clover embodies our two biggest values in dairy farming.  Everything on a dairy farm begins with the birth of a new calf. That Calf holds the hope and promise of the future of the farm and also the memories of its past.  The calf is part of a larger family tree of cows that have maintained and shaped this farmland, built the soil grazing these pastures and have been shaped by it in return.  We believe strongly in building cow family’s and allowing our calves to be raised by their own mothers as part of the herd. We practice what some farmers refer to as ‘the Madre method’ of raising the calves with their mothers to foster the positive symbiotic relationship of the calf learning directly from the mother and achieving its greatest potential health through the immune benefits of nursing off its mother until it’s ready to wean.  Calves raised in this Madre system grow up to be vigorous, strong heifers and cows who are unlikely to have illness and will produce calves even healthier than themselves. Clover naturally symbolizes our commitment to pastures and soil.  Rich living soil is the key to a pasture or “salad bar” full of different types of clovers and a diversity of grasses and legumes.  Our cows spend their days outside during the season peacefully grazing the hillside pastures and are moved twice a day to fresh grass!  In the winter months they have access to shelter as well as outdoor access to get fresh air.

how we raise our beef

Kevin and Becky have been raising 100% grass fed beef for 14 years and we are excited to have their herd join our farm! We wanted to share a little about their herd and practices.

We started our 100% Grass fed beef herd in 2004 by selectively breeding for stock that would be able to thrive, reproduce and gain well on a diet of 100% grass and hay and be hardy enough to spend their whole life outdoors. Our breeding resulted in a moderate frame size beef consisting of a 4 way cross of Black angus, Red angus, Hereford and Red Devon. Most of our original brood cows were purchased from a herd that has been closed since the 1940's (which means we have old style genetics that are able to thrive on grass).

During the grass growing season our beef herd moves to a fresh section of pasture at least once a day (sometimes twice a day). In the winter months we roll hay out on the pasture for them in a different spot every day. These practices really improve the fertility and plant diversity of the pastures. We also always offer our beef organic approved free choice minerals.

It has been our mission to raise tender, great tasting 100% grass fed beef using a holistic farming system that is sustainable to the environment, soil, our animals and you.