Meet our family


This is mama Eggbeater and bull calf Eggnog, born 11/27/18. He will be our first breeding bull born on our farm! Eggbeater and Eggnog are Normandies which is a breed that thrives in a 100% grass fed system. Normandies make high protein milk which is wonderful for yoghurt and cheese, and like Jersey’s they have high butterfat which makes for creamy and delicious milk!


Clementine and Cloe were our first cows and our first Madre pair. When we got Clementine she was a wild heifer with almost no experience with people, it took a week of pampering and treats to get her not only comfortable with us but running to us when she saw us! She gave birth to Cloe in the woods and is an amazing first time mama!


This is Andi and April enjoying spring pastures together.