Our farm store is open 365 days a year

stop by this new year’s day!


What you’ll find

Our farm stand will be growing in the next few months, right now we will have the products you are familiar with being here, the raw milk, eggs, honey, maple syrup, and meat (coming January 1st). Some great stuff will be coming very soon, such as chocolate milk and yogurt. Starting January 1st we will always stock meat in the freezer, an assortment of different beef and pork cuts (veal coming soon). We also focus on popular cuts like steaks, ground beef, hot dogs, and stew beef as examples and for pork you’ll see pork chops, sausage, bacon, ham steaks, shoulder roasts, and ribs. We will be prioritizing the staples, our shelves will shortly be stocked regularly with bread, tea, coffee, granola, and much more. During the growing season you will also find vegetable and fruit favorites like tomatoes, sugar snap peas, green beans, melons, and berries. Is there a staple you’d like to see? Let us know!


332 Kent Rd S.

Cornwall Bridge, CT 06754