Fresh raw milk

We care deeply about providing the healthiest raw milk we can for our family and yours. This means that we prioritize the health and well being of our cows as well as maintaining an uncompromising standard of clean practices that insure that we can all enjoy our raw milk with peace of mind. It’s important to us that our cows have the best lives they can grazing on green pastures, living side by side with their calves. We feed a minimal amount of local organic non GMO grains to our dairy herd in the milking parlour, but the cows consume the majority of their dietary needs through rotational grazing on the hillside pastures around our farm.  We move our cows on to fresh pastures twice a day every day during the grazing season to ensure they always have access to a fresh salad bar of lush grasses and clovers.  On top of producing exceptionally creamy and delicious milk this also makes it high in CLA's (Conjugated Linoleic Acid's) and omega -3's. Our long term goal is to improve our pastures to support our girls going 100% grass fed because that is best for them and for us.