We are excited to introduce ourselves to you and are looking forward to meeting the Stone Wall Dairy community! We are Jeff, Sarah, and Hunter.  We have been in the organic farming movement for ten years and bring our love and commitment of pasture based farming to this treasured dairy farm. We will be carrying on the tradition of high quality raw milk, and will be expanding into yogurt and chocolate milk in the first few months of our transition.  

Our beliefs and values in farming have been developed over many years of working and managing on farms around New England and learning from many successful farmers who have mentored us along the way. Before working as a manager on other dairy farms around the region Jeff previously worked here at Stone Wall Dairy. We understand the special and unique place that Stone Wall Dairy is and the long history it has operating as a dairy farm in this community.   We also have an exciting vision for the future of this farm. As a new chapter begins for this quintessential New England dairy we have decided to operate under the new name Calf & Clover Creamery.


our staff


Kevin and Becky and their three girls, Emma, Caroline, and Katie are an amazing farming family that we are so lucky to have joining the Calf and Clover team! They have been raising their own beef herd for over ten years and will be bringing part of that herd here with them, we are proud to be selling their exceptional 100% grass fed beef in our winter shares.