Difference between raw and pasteurized milk

When milk is pasteurized to kill bacteria a lot of the nutrition goes with it. Raw milk retains so much of what gives milk value to the body. We also do not homogenize the milk which means it’s easier to digest because the cream breaks down more slowly in the gut.

what is a milk coop vs milk share

Our milk coop is a unique arrangement with one of our customers where they use their home as a pick-up point for other customers in their area to get their milk more easily than going to our farmstand or other markets. Our milk share is a service we offer that enables customers who go to our farmstand or other markets to guarantee our milk will be there for them when they need it at a small discount because we benefit from having the guaranteed sales.

what is the madre method

Very simply it is following nature and letting the cow raise and nurse her calf for us. This means healthier, happier cows as well as less labor for the farmers, a nice win-win. On an operation where the calves are separated the farmer must take milk from the mother and bottle feed it to the calf while also providing a pen that needs regular cleaning. The calf will generally be offered bottled milk twice a day rather than the free will nursing it would naturally do through out the day on its mother. This causes the calf to glut on the bottle from hunger, not sense its own body cues when full and to continue to crave milk when it’s finished its bottle and look for other things to suckle on. The calf will also learn how to be a cow from it’s mother, it will learn to graze earlier. ``